A prospective fundraising event on Montrose Road in Rockville, Maryland at the Charles E. Smith Community party room in
the winter season of 2012

The objective is to benefit individuals and organizations who help those afflicted with MS 
achieve their full potential.

Program features live entertainment as performance.

First performance will be that of Amazing Grace.

Second performance will be selections from Fiddler On The Roof.

Third performance will be a Persian Sufi presentation with traditional and classical musical instrumentation.

Fourth performance will be The Rose by Bette Midler.

Menu option of Atlantic Salmon, organic raised chicken dish, or a completely vegetarian dish served with rice and a variety of organic steamed vegetables served with Darjeeling tea,
Starbuck's coffee, or Perrier mineral water.  Dessert will be Persian confectionary by Classic Bakery of Montgomery County, Maryland which is an Armenian-American owned business.

Forty tables each including 10 seats at 220 dollars per seat(a tax deductible event benefiting a non-profit organizaton, corporate sponsorships are welcome).

People and institutions to connect with: 

For the master of ceremonies, we wish to invite Mr. Behrooz Vousughi, a world known Iranian-American actor whom presently lives and performs in Southern California.  To better familar yourself with Mr Vousughi please watch the movie "Goodbye Tehran" that was produced in Iran in the 1960's.

Below is Behrooz's  latest achievement as it was reported by Voice of America.  Frank saw Behrooz for the first time in Tehran during the previous regime in  the  The Institute of  Friendship between Iranians and Americans in Tehran.

December 17th 2011 - Frank was invited to watch the Messiah Sing-Along in the First Baptist Church of Gaithersburg, Maryland.  A registered nurse amongst team of medical professionals at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital responsible for administering Frank's monthly infusion had invited him to the event is also member of the performing choir.  After attending the event, Frank finds the choir and musicians spiritual as well as professional.  Frank is planning to propose to the group to help us perform the music selections: Fiddler on the Roof, Amazing Grace, The Rose by Bette Midler, and the Sufi music(which is written for string instruments and all the notes are available having been composed by maestro Kazim Davoudian) in this not for profit fundraiser.

We are in the process of adding a traditional twenty minute Indian classical dancing performance because more than 5000 years of understanding our universe and the supreme being by the grand Indian civilization and later on transforming into the Buddhist culture should be taken into consideration.  We are looking into selecting a solo dancer with full costumes accompanied by pre-selected musical pieces.

Biogen idec www.avonex.com
(This company is in no part affiliated or connected to our organization, Frank is only a satisfied customer of their products for 10 years.)

The Home Depot Corporation - Frank has been working with them and has been a customer of their products since 2001.

Halliburton - An active company bringing supplies and services to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Their office is presently located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where Frank's children
were born while he was working there.

Frank Perreira, MD
Church of the Redeemer
The church is located next to the Islamic center of Maryland and both parties understand that Frank would never ask them to become muslim and they would never ask Frank to become christian. 
We are focused in "sharing our similarites and celebrating our differences".

Click here: Bridge to Iran: The Queen and I | Link TV
Former Queen of Iran could be a good candidate to connect with for her connections helping natives of Iran whom are afflicted by physical of Multiple Schlerosis.

This page is under construction and will be routinely updated.  For more information please call Frank at 301-330-0700.

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