F. Frank Fouladi, a registered Republican but an Independent Diplomat

Maryland Election Race 2010 from 2006(left image is from the front yard of Frank's place in 2010, the images on the
middle and right are from 2006)

"Governer Erlich, I support you in your re-election efforts to bring economic prosperity to Maryland for 4 more years. 
 Your genuine care for disabled citizens of Maryland is admirable."   - F. Frank Fouladi

Frank and his children, Mohamad-Houssein and Nour campaigned for then Lt. Governor Mr. Steele whom was running for the Senate of the USA
(2006) from the free State of Maryland. Mr. Steele was our first African-American Lt. Governor, a Gentleman and Scholar.  In the
convention of the Republicans of the Montgomery County, Maryland in February 2009, frank announced to his fellow Republicans that he is
going to respect, honor and serve our democratically elected Commander-in-Chief, regardless of the political issues, specially in these
challenging times. As Americans, United We Stand and Divided We Fall, please give President Obama a break, at least until mid 2011 to re-
introduce peace, unity and prosperity to our great Nation.

Fariborz "Frank" Fouladi, a Persian native and peace activist.

Frank as a Human Rights and Peace Activist conversed with Ms. Shirin Ebadi, a Nobel Laureate in www.carnegieendowment.org on
02-02-09 in Washington, DC


Click here: http://www.carnegieendowment.org/files/020209_shirin_ebadi_transcript_proofed.pdf

Fariborz "FRANK" Fouladi meets Mr. Rashad for a second time.

Frank (AKA mohandes Fouadi to Mr. Rashed) met Mr. Haji Rahed, for the second time during the Islamic celebration in the Islamic Education
Center in Potomac Maryland. Mr. Rahed from Yazd, Iran was first introduced to Frank in Dubai, UAE by another common Yazdi friend Mr. Mohammad Ali. Mr. Rashed, Mr. Mohammad Ali and Frank used to go for long walks in Dubai after he finished his Moharam speeches in the Lari Housseineh, before Frank discovered his physical challenges due to MS. Frank finds Mr. Rashed a gentleman, scholar and a
family man with a great scene of humor.Mr. Rashed host a family program in the Iranian TV in Iran.     

Frank also asks Mr. Rashad, "why are you in your sermons encouraging your audience to cry?"  He answered "Mr. Mohandas, there is a power in tears which you are unfamiliar with."

Click here: Roadmap to create an Opportunity Village in a Free Trade Zone.

Click here: US State Department's Impression of Fariborz "Frank" Fouladi.

Click here: Frank as a Peaceseeker on Youtube.

"Money Trumps Peace".
-George W. Bush

1) President Eisenhower's "Atoms for Peace" Speech

December 8, 1953

Before the General Assembly of the United Nations on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy

...The Atomic Energy Agency could be made responsible for the impounding, storage, and protection of the contributed fissionable and other materials. The ingenuity of our scientists will provide special safe conditions under which such a bank of fissionable material can be made essentially immune to surprise seizure.

The more important responsibility of this Atomic Energy Agency would be to devise methods where by this fissionable material would be allocated to serve the peaceful pursuits of mankind. Experts would be mobilized to apply atomic energy to the needs of agriculture, medicine, and other peaceful activities. A special purpose would be to provide abundant electrical energy in the power-starved areas of the world. Thus the contributing powers would be dedicating some of their strength to serve the needs rather than the fears of mankind.

The United States would be more than willing--it would be proud to take up with others "principally involved: the development of plans where by such peaceful use of atomic energy would be expedited....


2) U.S. President George W. Bush."Money trumps peace" and "Liberty is not America's gift to the world but God's gift to the Humanity." 

U.S. President Ronald Reagan: "It is not how much is our deficit but how much we  are able to earn."

3 ) The Unknown American Patriot: "In 1776, When the United States was incepted, the stars were smiling in the Heavens"

4)  "Hunger is not for lack of food as it is because of lack of democracy and representative government.". Meaning: "Government of the People, by the People and for the People."

5)  A scholar from Afghanistan“I went to the East, I saw Muslims but I didn't see Islam. I went to the West, I didn't see Islam but I saw Muslims.”
6) Dr. Nader Angha, The book: Peace, page 1 "The current agitated state of the world, and the unstable human relationships within it, are the result of a combination of unfavorable events and the intentional or unintentional pursuit of unfounded and disruptive ideologies of the past as well as the present.Thus, all the innate values, possibilities and resources which lie within very core of man are in danger of destruction.  This is a danger signal which must alert and propel humanity at this age-especially reflective and peace-seeking individuals throughout the world to think and ponder upon deeply."  
7) Prophet Mohammad, Peace and Blessing be Upon Him  "The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr."
8) The Holy Qur'an, Chapter Ankabut or the spider verse number 6: "And if any strive (In Arabic Jehad),they do so for their own souls :For God is free of all needs from all creation" 
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