Table of contents


Chapter One - My Roots

Chapter Two - Montgomery College, Rockville, MD 1977-1979, sociology, anthropology, and pre-engineering.

Chapter Three - George Washington University, Washington DC, the nation's capital. Graduated in 1983.

Chapter Four - Search for self-identity professionally, culturally and individually.

Chapter Five - My endeavors in United Arab Emirates 1993-2000.

Chapter Six - A Sunni and Shiite culture, A planned marriage to manifest reconciliation.

Chapter Seven - Frank's family challenges within the state of Maryland, a time tested judicial system.

Chapter Eight - September 14, 2011. Procurement USA Inc, turning a challenge into an opportunity.

Chapter Nine - Home Depot Inc. An American corporation with 8 unique core values.

Chapter Ten - Frank's political activism - A non-partisan and all-American experience.

Chapter Eleven - "Opportunity Villages." Frank's idea for a civil, democratic and free enterprise community.


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