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 Grandfather of my father.

  My mom, my dad, uncle Mahmoud, uncle Ali, and me when I was an infant.

My Mother and I in Tehran.

My Brother and I in my uncle Mahmoud's home who had recently returned home from the USA, introducing the concept of Christmas to us.

My Brother, my Cousins, and my aunt saying farewell at the Mehrabad Airport in Tehran on route to english languages in Alvarado street in downtown Los Angelos, California.  "The beginning of the journey",  a few months after graduation from Kharazmei High School, north of Tehran.

Hamid and I, my neighbor in Tehran and student in Montgomery College, Maryland.  He urged me to move to Maryland and attend Montgomery College in February 1977.

University Graduation Photos

Awards, certificates, and other accolades.

My grandfather, my father's mom and dad and I.  In my first trip back to Iran in a summer vacation in 1977. 

Now the pictures from 21st century

  Frank's Introduction to General Douglas Stone at United States Institute of Peace 

Frank is holding a sign saying " Land of the Free....  Because of the Brave ", that was given to Frank in the Home Depot of Gaithersburg, Maryland by Mother of 2 American Military Officers whom signed up to go back to Iraq after their tour of duty expired.

   Frank with US Major General Douglas Stone(USMC), meeting in United Institute of Peace in Washington DC, on 6-11-08. General called:
      "Opportunity Village Project in the Axis of Peace,
 "A Nobel Cause" and asked his assistant to coordinate the external security of Frank's
 in coordination with American Military, Collation Multi National Forces, Local Military and Police.

Frank with Major General Stone

3)  Frank and His Wife Nesreen met newly elected Montgomery County Executive Mr. Leggett in a town hall meeting in Potomac, Maryland.
     Frank mentioned to Mr. Leggett that he is a volunteer Cultural
 Ambassador for the Montgomery County Gilcrest Center for Cultural Diversity
     and the previous county
 executive selected Frank as one of the Montgomery County's 300 best in a ceremony in the year 2002. Frank also
     said to Mr. Leggett that he voted for him even Frank votes with the other party in
 the Primaries. Also Mr. Leggett agreed with Frank, while
     broadcasting live in the Montgomery 
County Cable Channel that due to shortage of land in Montgomery County we should build more
     vertically to resolve our housing and commuting challenges of our civil servants.

  Frank met Mr. White in USIP in DC, a diverse, peace seeking Christian activist, British native, stationed in the Green Zone in Iraq. Mr. White 
     has established: Iraq Institute of Peace (IIP). When Frank told Mr.
White that Frank's wife is Sunnie and he is Shiite and they have made peace. Mr. White smiled in response and said: "He is a Shiite Christian!".  Frank later on realized, in a TV report that Mr. White also challenges with Multiple-Sclerosis.

Frank Meeting Mr.Andrew White, a Christian Peace Seeker in Green Zone, Iraq‏

His Excellency, Dr. Abdul Jabbar Sabit, Attorney General of Afghanistan

Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 in the USIP

Frank complemented Dr. Sabit's efforts to combat corruption in Afghanistan and Frank compared Dr. Sabit's to Elliot Ness in 
the movie The Untouchables. Dr. Sabit recommended to Frank to establish the 800 meter by 800 meter opportunity village 
in Bamian District. I suggest to all to listen to Dr. Sabit's speech in , it is a revealing and sobering speech and his 
conversation with Frank is also is available for whomever is concerned. So Bamian here we come to you with the spirit of:
"Reform, Prosperity and Peace ". By the way, First Lady Laura Bush, have visited Bamian District and the Lady Governor of Bamian.


Click here: His Excellency, Dr. Abdul Jabbar Sabit, Attorney General of Afghanistan: Events: U.S. Institute of Peace


Frank for the first time met the Honorable President George W. Bush in the Summer 2008 in the WHITE HOUSE NATIONAL FAITH-BASED AND
"Serving those with the greater needs".

Lets say: COMPASSION DOES NOT STOP AT THE USA BOARDERS. "Our nation is inspired by compassion and generosity"


Frank supported the re-election of Governor Ehrlich, because for the fist time in Maryland we had a cabinet level representative for the physically
challenged citizens and Mrs. Cox running with him is also disable.  Frank supported Lt. Governor Steel for the US Senate, he was hoping for the first
time a capable and intellectual, descendents of the original African Americans could serve in the US Senate. As Dr. Rice said:  "Slavery, a birth
defect in America's inception". On a positive note, the city of Gaithersburg which is my town use to be an Underground Rail Road
during the Civil War.  Interestingly, Maryland is located south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Frank's Home, front yard in  Gaithersburg, Maryland during 2006, Midterm Election

Frank's House

Frank (AKA mohandes Fouadi to Mr. Rashed) met Mr. Haji Rahed, for the second time during the Islamic celebration in the Islamic Education
Center in Potomac Maryland. Mr. Rahed from Yazd, Iran was first introduced to Frank in Dubai, UAE by another common Yazdi friend
Mr. Mohammad Ali. Mr. Rashed, Mr. Mohammad Ali and Frank used to go for long walks in Dubai after he finished his Moharam speeches in
the Lari Housseineh, before Frank discovered his physical challenges due to MS. Frank finds Mr. Rashed a gentleman, scholar and a
family man with a great scene of humor.Mr. Rashed host a family program in the Iranian TV in Iran.

Mr. Jahed and Mr. Karimi kindly introduced Frank to the Honorable Ambassador of Afghanistan, in the Washington DC Embassy. 
Mr. Ambassador recommended to have the opportunity Village designed such way that to be self sustainable, so Frank thankfully
followed the Ambassador's lead.
The Opportunity Village is economically sustainable, a civil, diverse, compassionate, safe, welcoming and a learning/teaching community
with the enterprising atmosphere. In another words, a mini Montgomery County, Maryland, USA for all to appreciate and learn from the governance
of a successful and time tested civil society that was established in the year 1776. Respect to the local culture and values to be considered and
details to be adjusted before the final design is materialized in any country.

Jahed and Frank

Frank had the pleasure of meeting the Honorable Egyptian Military Attache and his Honorable wife in the Egyptian Embassy in
the Washington DC in a Military Celebration, honoring Egyptian Armed Forces. Frank mistakenly attended the military reception
in the Egyptian Embassy instead of a cultural reception and when General noticed Frank's lapel badge saying:" Support President Bush and
Our Troops", General gracefully invited Frank to join the party. Later on Frank and General became friends and the Honorable
General Family and Frank's family visited each other and shared their thoughts and emphasized on cooperation of the USA and Egypt in
maintaining global peace, specially in the Middle East.

On 07-30-08, Frank met Iraqi Minster of Interior, H.E. Mr. Jawad al-Bolani in the United States Institute of Peace in
Washington DC(

Honorable Ambassador of Iraq (Gentleman to the left of the picture) translated for Frank to the Minster al-Bolani with regard
to the prospective locationof "Opportunity Village" , in Nusekhan between Najaf and Karbala.  
H.E. Mr. Jawad al-Bolani, shaking hand with Frank in the picture agreed that Nusekha is the good place for the "Opportunity Village"
to be manifested, God Willing.

In the above picture: Mr. Babak of PAAIA and Fariborz'Frank and in the following an open letter from 

Frank to PAAIA for the sake of global peace and hopefully, fostering the positive Iranian-American cooperation. 

 Dear Mr. Fouladi,

Thank you for your kind words and for your support of PAAIA.  It means a lot to us.

Have a great weekend.

All the Best,


Subject: Thank You for Doing What You Are Doing


Dear Fellow Iranian Americans:

It was the outmost pleasure to be part of the grand opening event for The Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans, on 07-17-08 near the George Washington 
University where I received my Bachelor of Science in the field of Civil Engineering in the year 1983. I am glad that Dr. Ghassemi and her husband, Mr. Moughadam were 
encouraged by my invitation to join PAAIA, prior to the yours truly even joining the PAAIA.

As Dr. Rice said: " For past 60 years, we Americans, traded Democracy for stability", General C. Powell responded to the Chilean Student about his opinion about Salvador 
Alende, he responded: " America has done things in the past whom she is not proud of it", needless mentioning Dr. Mousaddegh's event in the Iranian history. After 
the faithful event of 09-11-2001, on 09-14-2001, I incorporated; Procurement, USA Inc. in the State of Maryland to provide ways and means of exporting, "Life, Liberty 
and Pursuit of Happiness", in a democratic, enterprising and civil way to defuse the global terrorism. Modeling, the time-tested Montgomery County form of the government 
for these newly formed nations is the key. In a positive note, as one said:"When the United State of America was incepted in 1776, all the stars were smiling in the Heavens", 
I agree, wholeheartedly. God bless America, land of the free because of the brave.  .

My time in this life is limited as everyone else's, but I feel this fact, more intensely, since Dr. Kouvorkian's last customer, was dealing with MS too. And thank God for the 
President Bush's decision to change America's foreign Policy's 60-years-trend. So please note the followings and do the needful. 

First, for the sake of the world peace and prosperity, please distribute the following document. Enrichment of Uranium could  wait in Iran. Please read the following incentive 
package delivered to the great Islamic Republic of Iran. I happened to know about this document in a public meeting in the, on 07-14-2008. Audio recording 
of the event is available in (US Institute of Peace).

Second, as a civil engineer (mohandes omran) I have designed "the Opportunity Villages" in the "Axis of Peace". Your comments and potential professional involvement 
of PAAIA members in materialization  of my project "The Opportunity Villages", "The mini-secured Montgomery County, Maryland" where access to food, shelter, health-
care and education is available for all, in Bamyan, Afghanistan, Nusekhan, Iraq and Rafah, Palestine could improve the USA's global image and the Persian touch 
"kheilil khoub va ghashangehe" .

Bamyan  is a National Park, Nusekhan is between Najaf and Karbala, great places to visit and Rafah's land is an abounded beach  in the Egyptian-Palestinian boarder 
so all of them have location, location and location qualities, real estate development wise. . .

Needless to say, the blessing of the Israeli government is required for the Rafah project and Egyptian cooperation is a must, for transporting the goods and services. 
Following map shows the exact location of the beach in Rafah that was recommended to me by Dr. Edwan, my Palestinian Native friend.

FYI, I have secured the USA Military's protection, thanks to the honorable General Douglas Stone whom I met in USIP in Washington DC, on 6-11-08, for the 
coordination of the exterior protection of  "The Opportunity Villages" in Afghanistan and Iraq alongside with collation and local forces.

As Mr. Steven Himelfarb, my friend of more than 20 years and a Maryland, Licensed, business attorney always concludes, in his letters, saying, "I remain". Best Regards.

Sincerely and Peacefully,

Fariborz'Frank Fouladi

(Muslim, Persian Native, Proud Marylander and American Patriot)


Procurement, USA Inc., incorporated 09-14-2001


"Money Trumps Peace"

Honorable, President George W. Bush


ps. I met, Dr. Ghassemi,a gentle lady, scholar and children right activist , a customer in the Home Depot of Gaithersburg, center of Montgomery County, Maryland, 
where I associating with THD since 03-20-00. I believe the Home Depot's role in "The opportunity Villages" is vital, constructive and All-American.

Below is Frank's picture, in front of the Israel Embassy08-06-08 @ 11:00 AM .
Dear Dr. Edwan my Palestinian Brother:
Salaam. My unorthodox visit to the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC on 08-06-08, as I reported to you on 08-06-08 via Email that I have posted in the bottom of this communicant, resulted in 2 interesting achievements. 
 I) I respectfully acknowledged the State of Israel and openly, I will report the progress of the above project to the Israel Authorities. It is a good neighborly protocol to do and as it is indicated in the 10 Commandments, a common belief:" Love Your Neighbors, Like Yourself".
 II) On my visit of the Israeli Embassy, I was referred to Economic Enterprises.. As The Opportunity Village of Rafah in Palestine would develop, we should set aside a combination of residential and commercial square footage for the non-Palestinians as well. I understand, even at the present, a number of the Jewish business entities enjoy some healthy business trades with Palestinians.  
Brother Jahed Edwan, now the ball is in your court and kindly through your connections, please provide the following information to your contacts and kindly, please enlighten yours truly with the feed back from your side, so I could form the deal to manifest it:
The Opportunity Village of Rafah, Palestine (A Free Trade Zone)
Here are the 8 issues/questions:
1) What are the exact: Dimensions and Location of the land, we are talking about to develop the above project. The map as you provided is reflected in  According to my humble calculations and design, in a 800 meter by 800 meter land we could develop:
a ) A multi story, residential/commercial/hotel in a 200m x 200m plot .
b ) Single or Multi Story Villas in 48 numbers of 100m x 100m plots, number of villas are flexible.
c) Green/Park areas 4 numbers of 5,000 square meter each.
d) Girls school from 0-18 years 20,000 square meters.         
e) Boys school from 0-18 years 20,000 square meters.
f) Shopping Center 20,000 square meters
g) Management Facilities, Chambers of Commerce, governance training, web based college and Health Care Clinics also web based 20.000 square meter. Room for expansion for the part (g) need to be considered    
2) Since we are looking for about 110 years land lease, how much a year is the lease payment? Whom do we have to make the agreement with? How many years of free lease for planing and construction phase, we should anticipate? FYI, Hong Kong and Britain/China deal is a workable model to follow. 
3) Do the local Authorities aware that for 110 years or so, they are welcomed to drink, eat, learn and do business with, The Opportunity Village of Rafah, Palestine (A Free Trade Zone), but TOVR Authorities would take care of all of their property managerial and internal security. All the visitors should leave their fire arms to their Internal Security prior to the entering into The Opportunity Village.  
4) In the name of Peace and Prosperity we could utilize the local work force such as concrete, asphalt, plumbing and electrical contractors. When it comes to the codes of American construction and safety standards our professional American, general contractors are to follow all the building and labor regulations of Montgomery County, Maryland in the above project. If it is good in Maryland, it is good anywhere. Respect to the local culture values and morality is a must. 
5) In our projects we do not receive or disperse cash payments, maximum $110 for petty cash payments is permitted. We need to connect with a bank with a good and efficient system and compatible with a bank, branched in Montgomery County, Maryland. 
6) Please identify the exact border crossing that we should ship our goods and services from Baltimore-Dubai-Egypt-Rafah, so we could arrange the needful requirements. 
7) Providing ways and means for the Honorable Palestinians to manifest Food, Shelter, Health Care and Education are The Opportunity Villages objectives for the all newly formed states. Free-Green-Enterprising Economy and The Governance of the People, by the People, for the People are the keys for any successful form of a government. I also understand that not all the Democracies have be Jeffersonian. As one said:" Hunger is not for the lack of food but lack of the Democracy" .
8) Last but not least, as a volunteer cultural ambassador in the one and the only such program in the USA's local mini governments, The Gilcrest Center for Cultural Diversity, established under guidance of the  previous Montgomery County Executive, Mr. Duncan, I realized in any community, respect of cultural diversity is an important quality to foster in any civilized community. As we say in Montgomery County, Maryland, let's share our similarities and celebrate our differences. So appreciation of diversity is vital in all the Opportunity Villages.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Time is of the essence. I remain.
Sincerely and Peacefully,
Fariborz'Frank Fouladi
Human Rights and Peace Activist
(Muslim, Persian Native, Proud Marylander, since 77 and American Patriot)
Procurement, USA Inc., incorporated 09-14-2001
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Officer Jackson is the Gentleman whom Major General Stone, on 06-11-08 in  recommended for Frank to coordinate external security of The Opportunity Villages in Bamian, Afghanistan and Nusekhan in Iraq. Officer Jackson could also be instrumental in the above project coordinating, with the Egyptian and Israeli Military
Mr. Michael R, Gordon, National Security Correspondent, The New York Times, Mr. David Wood,  
National Security Correspondent, Baltimore Sun whom Frank met both of them in USIP in Washington. DC.  Ms. Barbara Slavin a reporter of  USA TODAY also Frank met in Ms. Slavin, also author of  the book:Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies: Iran, the U.S. and the Twisted Path to Confrontation
Honorable Dr. Pelura, a distinguished Marylander from Annapolis, Maryland whom met Frank in 2003 and mailed him a bumper sticker saying: " Another Democrat for Bush". lets keep the Partisan-Politics out of the Opportunity Village concept and make sure the Annapolis Peace Process would materialize, no matter who manages the Executive and or the Legislative branches. I could not envision the global peace, specially in the Islamic world until the world community brokers a fair, meaningful and tangible peace deal between Israel and Palestine. Again, "Money Trumps Peace".
I met for the first time in MCCC and we met again on 8-12-08 in our office. I briefed her and her colleague about the Opportunity Village in Rafah and she is looking for the following staff for us: 3 Arabic Speaking, marketing VPs to sell/long term lease the commercial and residential properties, 1 Office Manager and 1 IT VP and they do the rest of administrative/governmental paper work. Needless to say for Bamyan, Afghanistan for the Opportunity Village we need Farsi Speaking marketing VPs.   
Dr. Niaz of a gentle lady, scholar and Iranian American. Political solutions are the only peace seeking solutions to resolve our global difference. One drop of blood too many to seek Peace.
Mr. H. Younis,  is helping Frank to AutoCAD the designs of The Opportunity Villages.
Someone asked Holy Jesus: When is the end of the world? He responded, "I would not know, you would not know, only God knows". In the Holy Qu ran in the Spider chapter says: " If you make Jihad, you are doing it for yourself, God would not need your help". As Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, said: "Lets live together in Peace or Perish together like Fools.".
I humbly selected the day of 08-13-08 to declare the above peace seeking announcement because the 13 Stripes in the Glorious American Flag, representing the first 13 States that were United to form, the United States of America and now the Union has evolved to 50 states. Such Union, un-heard-of, in the human history.  As one said: "In 1776, when The United States of America was incepted, all the stars were smiling in the Heavens", needless to say we have had our challenges. 
Please forgive the Persian English, every word came, frankly from my heart. Frank is non-Partisan. May there be global Peace, Insha Allah. Peace and reconciliation, in the Holy Lands are vital.
FYI, Frank's Letter to The Israeli Embassy prior to his visit on 08-06-08 @ 11:00 AM
August 06, 2008 
Dear Ibrahmian Brother or Sister:
Shalom, Salaam and Peace. Last time on 04-30-08 @ 1:13 16 Eastern Daylight Time, I wrote to you:
" In the name of peace and reconciliation, I wish to come to your embassy tomorrow and honor the victims and remember the tragedy of Holocaust. May the all knowing God Bless the Nation of Israel and a lasting peace be manifested, globally between Jews, Christians, Muslims and others..."   

As the Honorable President George W. Bush says: "Money Trumps Peace" and in the spirit of, "Reform, Prosperity and Peace", I have designed, the "Opportunity Villages" which you may find out the details in my web site: . Among the other prospective "Opportunity Villages", Rafah is one of the first four. Needless to say, the blessing of the Israeli government is required for the prospective Rafah Opportunity Village and the Egyptian cooperation is a must, for transporting the goods and services. 

The following map shows the exact location of the beach in Rafah that was recommended to me by Dr. Edwan, my Palestinian Native friend whom I met in the Islamic Center of Maryland. which is located in the Historic Gaithersburg, Maryland, the center of the affluent and diverse Montgomery County,  "The Gateway to the Nation's Capital".

Our son, Mohamad'Houssein 13 and our daughter, Nour 11 both born in Dubai, UAE whose mother, Nesreen  is an Egyptian Native. Our son is accompanying yours truly on the visit  on 08-06-2008 @ 11:00 am to the Israeli Embassy in Washington  DC to introduce us to the great Nation of Israel and offer the Honorable Ambassador a box of Persian sweet (Gaz) from, Isfahan, packaged in California and purchased from the Armenian-American owned Classic Bakery of The All-America, Montgomery County, Maryland. Best Regards .

Sincerely and Peacefully,

Fariborz'Frank Fouladi
(Muslim, Persian Native, Proud Marylander and American Patriot)
Procurement, USA Inc., incorporated 09-14-2001
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
The Honorable Dr. Pelura of Annapolis Maryland is my reference for the current White House Administration and the prospective, next White House Administration. Mr. Himelfarb. my business attorney and an old friend whom I introduced to you in the previous Email, Mr. Joe Moinfar our financing consultant for the "Opportunity Villages".

Frank with General David Petraeus at the passing of the baton from W to Obama event.

AARP, Rebuilding Together and Clark Construction volunteers helping frank to access to his home. For more details, please see the front page of on the left side.

Frank on his newly constructed ramp. (Wide and close up shots)

Frank with his mother and father in his home in Gaithersburg, Maryland 2006‏.

Frank and members of Clark Construction who assisted in the building of the ramp to his office.

Frank is being treated in The Georgetown University MS Center in Washington DC. In the above Dr. Carlos Mora whom Frank met him in the National Institute of Health for the first time when frank was donating his blood and MRI images for the purpose of research.  Dr. Mora, a Gentleman and Scholar welcomes the alternative medicine as well as conventional medicine ideas where it works. Dr. Mora treats his patients respectfully with genuine care. Frank's previous MS specialist Dr. Heidi Crayton of The Georgetown University MS Center also welcomed alternative/conventional approach of treating MS.

Frank's front yard January 19,2009         
                         FYI, since 2005, frank votes with the GOP in the Primary Elections, a non-partisan voter.                                    

Mohamad--Houssein, Nour and I celebrated my 2009 birthday in the Chinese restaurant near our home and their mother decided not to participate. OK, may be the
beginning of the finalization of a marriage.
In the Holy Qur;an says: "Your Children are the ornaments of your life".and all things considered, may
The All Knowing God guide and protect our children in their parents challenging life journeys.  The only thing constant in life: is the change", Alhamdoullelah (Thanks God).

Frank and his son Mohammed Hussein in 1996 in their first apartment in Sharjeh, United Arab Emirates facing the Persian Gulf. 
This was prior to Frank's diagnosis of Multiple Schlerosis.

Apple tree, cherry tree, and pomegranate tree.  Frank is taking the picture of his late uncle daie Abbas, his son
mohammed hussein, his father hashem, and mother sadaad  in a trip to visit Frank's last home in Shemiran, north of Tehran, Iran.  This house
no longer exists and has been transformed into a multi-story condominium.  On the right side of this picture, there used to be a grass yard that
Frank and his brothers Faramarz and Farzad, use to play football and ride their bicycles in the yard.  It was really nice to sleep at nighttime in
the yard during the summertime.  When Frank left Iran last time in the year 2000, he brought the dried fruit of the pine
tree as the last memory for his home and he keeps it still in a glass jar. 

1) Frank fariborz fouladi practices tumbac ( Persian percussion) with mistro Kazem davoodian prior tofrank realizes has to challenge with multiple sclerosis, late 1980s

2) Frank is listening to kasem davoodian after coming back from dubai in franks home in Germantown, MD. in 2002. kasemm is now operating

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